Passes the audition for Japan’s top idol group “Morning Musume”, 13 years old
CD debut, 14 years old
Begins having a solo radio show, 17 years old
Appears in a musical where I didn’t even have one speaking line, 19 years old
Got told, “You’re still in Morning Musume?”, 20 years old
Rank high in “My most hated female talent ranking” poll, 20 years old
Becomes the 8th leader of my beloved Morning Musume, 23 years old
Morning Musume becoming popular again, 24 years old

Yes, this is my “Youth”

And then, once again…
When it is said again that “The top idol group of Japan is Morning Musume”
That will be the final curtain of my “Youth”

Michishige Sayumi


Michishige Sayumi-sensei’s Poem
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[Birthday Letter] - Jurina’s Letter for Rena’s Birthday


Please enjoy. It’s a very nice letter :)

"Dear Rena-chan,

Happy Birthday.
And thank you for having written the letter for my birthday.
I’m glad, because this feels as if I’m writing an answer to that.
Right after we joined SKE, it was very common for us to go work together in Tokyo and we shared rooms really often.
At the time I felt just like I just got myself a big sister and, since I have no real siblings, that made me feel so happy that I did things like asking you to sleep together, or talking to you despite the fact that you were already sleeping.
I fawned on you a whole lot.
I’m sorry about that.
However, also because we share the surname “Matsui”, ever since a certain point in time, we started to be compared to each other a lot and I really didn’t know what to do, being still just a kid at the time.
A lot of feelings started to grown inside me and I got to wonder that maybe I couldn’t keep acting like I had done until then; that maybe I had to start perceiving you as a rival.
Both our age and personalities are different.
What we have in common is probably nothing but our surname and height.
I even happened to wonder why people would compare us…
But now I don’t anymore.
If I’m the person I am now, it’s because you’ve been there.
It’s because I’ve got myself a rival called Rena-chan.

So when you’ll go through a hard time, I’ll support you.
When you won’t be able to be present, I’ll work hard for your part as well.
Since we’ve worked together ever since the beginning, there are feelings only I can understand, and there are things only I can do.
And that is true for me as well.
There are things nobody but you can do, things I can entrust to nobody else but you.
I’m really glad I eventually noticed it and that I got to feel this way.
From now on, we might have to keep being good rivals, but as two members of SKE48, I’d like for us to go on supporting each other and grow more and more so that we won’t lose to any other group and that we’ll have everyone think that SKE48 is the best.
Rena-chan, please keep taking care of me!
And, really…Happy Birthday!!!”




Matsui Jurina G+ 2014/07/27

お手紙読むとき、緊張しすぎてプルプルした…(><)When I read the letter, I was too nervous I trembled… (><)無事に想いを伝えられて良かった♡♡I’m glad I could trasnmit the feelings without problems ♡♡W松井は、永遠です(/▽\)♪WMatsui, forever (/▽\)♪

Goddamnit, these 2 are killing me tonight. >< WMATSUI FOREVER INDEED!!!